Texas State Council

2024-2025 Appointed Board

Association of the Arts Chairman - Sandy Bouldin

Association of the Arts Assistant - Kaci Foster 

Audio / Visual Chair-  Teresa Gray

Awards Chairman - Linda Teal 

Awards Assistant - Bobbi Dinsmore 

Awards Advisor - Kelli Kinser

Budget Committee Chairman - Valerie Dickens

Budget Committee Member - Marsha Killam 

Budget Committee Member - Karen Luckenbach

Budget Committee Member - Pheobe Cole 

Budget Committee Member - Cheryl Deleranko

By-Law Committee Chairman - Elisabeth Noelke

By-Law Committee Member - Debbie Wheatley

By-Law Committee Member - Elaine Noto 

Caring and Sharing - Hope for Heroes - Stacy Gruber

Caring and Sharing-Project Linus - Donna Carter

Caring and Sharing - Women in Crisis - Stacy Gruber

Chaplain - Laura Martin 

2025 Texas State Convention Chair - Theta Alpha #1503 

Disaster Fund Chairman - Marsha Killam 

Distinguished Achievement  Award Chairman - Jeanna Gadd 

Easter Seals Chairman - Margaret McMurtray

Educational Director - Jan Mattson

ESA for St. Jude - Royce Ann Walker

ESA Foundation Director - Susanne Dullack

First Timers Chairman - Tammy Probst 

First Timers Asst (Outstanding ESAer) - Karen Luckenbach 

First Timers Asst (Outstanding First Year Member) - 

Leadership Seminar Chairman - Karen Luckenbach

Leadership Seminar Assistant - Diana Penelas

Membership Director - Julie Lieth

Membership Assistant - Royce Ann Walker

Nominating Committee Chairman - Julie Lieth

Nominating Committee - Cathy Kauffman

Nominating Committee - Becky Hovermale

Outstanding ESAer Presenter - Carolyn Worley 

Outstanding First Year Member Presenter - Linda Waters 

PPAC Chair - Kelli Kinser

PCC Chairman - Jan Miller

PCC Member - Judy Owens

PCC Member - Susanne Dullack

Presidential Advisor - Mary Nell Lane 

Presidential Advisor - Liz White 

Presidential Advisor - Valerie Dickens 

Publicity Chairman - Janis Spears 

Roster Chairman - Valerie Dickens

Scrapbook Chairman - Shirley Wells 

Service Chairman - Phylis Ballard

Social Media Co-Chairman - Barbara Leafgreen

Social Media Co-Chairman - Kym Searcey 

State Project  Director - Rhonda Jones 

Technology Co-Chairman - Barbara Leafgreen

Technology Co-Chairman - Kym Searcey 

Texas Love Fund - Terresa Stewart

Vocalist - Darla Schitoskey

Vocalist - Barbara Leafgreen

Ways & Means Chairman - Pheobe Cole

Ways & Means Assistant - Kay Turrentine 

Workshop Chairman - Rho Theta #4093